Urban Water Project of Guinea (PUEG): APS, APD and DAO studies and control of the laying of pipes parallel to the DN700 pipe and replacement of gray cast iron and asbestos cement pipes in Conakry

Faced with the recurring shortage of drinking water supply and the galloping increase in the population of Greater Conakry, the World Bank has initiated a program to improve water supply. The PUEG Project is part of this landmark operation of the WB. The proposed project focuses on the Conakry region and will impact around 400,000 beneficiaries. The Yessoulou ST station with a capacity of 140,000 m3 / day will supply the affected sectors. The project includes:

  • The laying of 25 km of PVC, HDPE and FD pipes (DN90 to DN315)
  • Construction of 52 structures (suction cups, oil changes, pressure reducers, counting / sectioning manhole)
  • The realization, in urgent installments, of 4000 private connections,
  • The realization of 9 aerial crossings


Services performed

Preliminary design Studies: APS, APD and DAO
Control, monitoring and technical assistance mission




Guinea Water Society/GMP


Project cost

10 000 000 €


World Bank