Extension of the Autoroute in the north of Côte d'Ivoire

The mission concerns the execution design of the extension of the North Coast Highway Ivory Coast - Lot1SINGRIBO-PACOBO, from PK0 to PK 10+ 514.
The project includes:

  • Creation of a 2x2 lane motorway platform as well as recovery lanes.
  • Construction of a diffuser composed of an underpass, four ramps, and two roundabouts;
  • Development of slab bridge, a PICF for pedestrian passage.
  • The connection between the interchange and the A3 highway,
  • The creation of service and rest areas in SINGROBO.

The mission entrusted to the CETA office mainly concerns:

  • Verification of the tender documents.
  • Definition of the program of geotechnical tests for the study of the foundations of works of art.
  • Verification of pavement sizing.
  • The establishment of the plans necessary for the execution of the work
  • The establishment of built drawings.

Services performed

Execution design


Côte d'Ivoire


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