Study of VRD in the city of Tiji in Libya

The project concerns the total recovery of the infrastructure of TIJI, a town of approximately 20,000 inhabitants and an area of 300ha.

The studies concern:

  • Development of the road network developing 60 km;
  • The construction of parking lots and public places;
  • The development of 10 roundabouts;
  • The construction of a drinking water supply network including ancillary works (one (1) water treatment station, an underground reservoir with a capacity of 4500 m 3 and four (4) reservoirs of 30 m in height and capacity equal to 300m3 each).
  • Construction of a wastewater treatment network including two (02) pumping stations and a delivery network to the treatment plant. The total length of the network is around 50km;
  • The construction of a stormwater sewerage network with a total length of about 15km;

Services performed

Execution design




Company AL MOUTAWASSITYA (Group of companies TUNISO- LIBYANNE)