Rehabilitation of the irrigated perimeter of Mateur

As part of the project to intensify irrigated agriculture in Tunisia, the Tunisian administration has considered the rehabilitation of the irrigated perimeter of Mateur located about 6 km northeast of the Joumine dam. The project covers an area of 1935 hectares including interventions on the hydraulic, drainage and sanitation networks and its objective is to increase the efficiency of the irrigation system, improve the quality of the land through a system drainage and diversification and intensification of production.

The main works to be carried out within the framework of this project consist in the renewal and the extension of the irrigation network over a length of 50km, the installation of the drains of the sewerage network over an area of 350 hectares and the cleaning of the Joumine river.

The mission entrusted to CETA is the development of an environmental and social management plan for the project including:

  • The study of land tenure on the irrigated public perimeter and the analysis of land specificities
  • Identification of project beneficiaries and affected people
  • Identification of the environmental and social impacts of the project including the risks associated with the release of asbestos fibers
  • The definition of mitigation measures to be implemented during the construction and operation phases.


Services performed

Preliminary design Studies: APS, APD and DAO




Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Regional Planning
CRDA -Bizerte



World Bank