Modernization works and 2x2 lanes of the RN12 in the Governorate of Sousse - Lot 2

This project is part of the modernization of road transport corridors, is part of the strategy for upgrading the road transport infrastructure sector:

  • The doubling of the RN4 over 65 km from PK 0 to PK 65 between El Fahs and Siliana in the governorates of Zaghouan and Siliana;
  • The doubling of the RN 12 from PK 5 to PK 54 over 49 kms in the governorates of Sousse and Kairouan;
  • The doubling of the RR 133 from PK 0 to PK 22 over 22 kms in the governorate of Zaghouan.

They consist, in particular, of the doubling of the roadway, the construction of roundabouts and the construction of stormwater drainage works.

Our services:

  • Verification of all documents in the tender file;
  • Continuous monitoring of the execution of the work by providing the Administration with a full-time resident engineer for the monitoring of the work;
  • Verification and approval of all execution documents submitted by the Company using the team mentioned above;
  • Daily supervision of the project execution, the keeping and annotation of the site log and the acceptance of the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures;
  • The organization of weekly site meetings and the writing of the minutes of these meetings;
  • Verification of monthly attachments, measurements and supplies established contradictorily by the Employer and the Company and the establishment of accounts;
  • Contribution to the resolution of all technical problems and difficulties that may arise during the execution of the work.


Services performed

Control, monitoring and technical assistance mission




Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Regional Planning
Directorate General of Bridges and Roads – DGPC


Project cost

120 million dinars


World Bank