Engineering structure design for crossing the El Hamma River on the RN16 road at PK32.7 in the governorate of Gabès

The mission concerns the study of an engineering structure for crossing the El Hamma river on the RN16 road at PK32.7 in the governorate of Gabès.
The study was carried out in two phases:
1st phase: feasibility, preliminary design, and impact on the environmental assessment.
2nd phase: development of execution design and preparation of call for tender documents.
The study foresees a reinforced concrete girder bridge of five 21m long spans on deep foundations.
It consists of two juxtaposed bridges. The total length of the structure is 72m.
The access ramps and the connecting road develop a linear length of approximately 918m.

Services performed

Feasibility studies, Preliminary design, Detailed design and call for tenders dossier




Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Regional Planning
Directorate General of Bridges and Roads – DGPC