Development works of the fishing port of Sidi Mechreg in the governorate of Bizerte

Our mission is the development of execution design relating to the development works of the fishing port of Sidi Mechreg in the governorate of Bizerte.

Consistency of studies:

  • Establishing programs for complementary topographic, bathymetric and geotechnical surveys;
  • Analysis of the hydrographic and sedimentological data of the site with a view to verifying the design and provisions proposed by the preliminary design study;
  • Preparation of the execution file for the planned developments (dredging of the basin, dikes and Epi, median and platforms);
  • Detailed design of the planned structures: Sizing of the dikes and shells, checking the overall stability of the different areas of the port, sizing of the quay walls, sizing of the wharfs (deck with prefabricated isostatic beams in reinforced concrete 10.50 m high scope);
  • Execution design of ancillary works to the port: Fishermen's premises, administrative buildings, repair workshops and airs, tide hall and cold stores;
  • Execution design of the VRD component of the port (drinking water, wastewater and rainwater);

Services performed

Execution design