Development of the Soliman lagoon

The Suleiman sebkha is a coastal lagoon located 4 km north of the city of Suleiman. The lagoon communicates directly with the Mediterranean Sea and is fed by runoffs from el Bey river, seepage of groundwater from el Bey and Said river and marine water intrusions during winter storms.

The maximum water depth is two meters and the ecosystem is characterized by rich, diverse biological life. On the other hand, several pollution and imbalance problems were diagnosed, including in particular erosion and the fragility of the dune ridge, the risk of contamination of the water, the discharge of treated water and the euphoria of the sebkha environment. 

CETA carried out, within the framework of this project, the diagnosis of the ecosystem of the sebkha to the definition of sustainable solution for its protection, its rehabilitation and for the re-establishment of its balance by measures of protection, development and enhancement.

Services performed

Execution design




Coastal Protection and Development Agency (APAL)


Project cost

2 311 500 TND