Construction work for the RND1-RN12 interchange in the governorate of Sousse

Our mission is the development of the execution design relating to the construction works of the RND1-RN12 interchange in the governorate of Sousse constituting lot 5 of the works of modernization and implementation of 2x2 lanes of the RN12 from PK5 to PK54 in the governorates of Sousse and Kairouan.

The study concerns:

  • The construction of a viaduct at the intersection of the RND1 (2x3ways) with the RN12 (2x3ways). This 169m-long viaduct, which supports the RND1, is made up of two juxtaposed reinforced concrete slab bridge-type decks each carrying three traffic lanes, each 12.5m wide. Longitudinally, the viaduct is made up of two decks separated by a joint. Each deck is made up of 2 x 5 spans (15m + 18m + 18m + 18m + 15m). The work is hallowly based. The ramps at the work are supported by reinforced concrete walls.
  • Arrangement of the temporary traffic diversion.
  • The construction of buried scupper-type collectors for road drainage as well as the construction of several connection chambers.
  • Safety equipment installation work and horizontal and vertical signage work.

Services performed

Execution design