Bridge and an irrigation canal design on the Zio river

As part of the implementation of the Agricultural Land Development and Rehabilitation Project in the Mission-Tové region (PARTAM), an irrigated area of 600 ha is developed. The rice-growing areas of the Zio Valley are irrigated by gravity from an inlet on the Zio River through a supply channel which is supported by a 96-meter bridge connecting Kovié to Alokoégbé.
This canal suffered a partial rupture on its part supported by the bridge, one of the piers of which collapsed due to the obsolescence of these infrastructures dating from the 1970s.
It is in this perspective that the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Production and Fisheries through PARTAM proposes to carry out the detailed design for the construction or rehabilitation of the bridge and the adjoining irrigation canal, threatening to collapse, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of irrigation of rice crops and opening up the PARTAM areas.
The studies carried out have provided the technical, economic, financial, environmental, and social information necessary for mobilizing resources for carrying out the works.
We have proposed several geometric and structural variants for the bridge over the Zio river, the adjoining canal, and the connecting routes over a linear distance of around 1000m.
The chosen variant consists of deviating the road and the canal on the downstream side by a 175m long bridge mean.

Services performed

Feasibility studies, Preliminary design, Detailed design, and call for tenders dossier




Ministry of Agriculture, Animal and Fishery Production (MAPAH) through the Agricultural Land Development and Rehabilitation
Project in the Mission-Tové area (PARTAM)



Togolese State